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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Computer Dos and Don'ts

Do: Run anti-virus and general regularly.

Don't: Eat or drink near the computer. Your computer doesn't need to be fed!

Do: Update your various softwares to lower the risk of viruses exploiting your computer.

Don't: Open attachments in email from a sender you don't recognize.

Do: Keep you computer clean and cool. Excessive heat from improper cooling and dust build-up can shorten the lifespan of your computer.

Don't: Open the computer case while the power plug is plugged into the computer's power supply!

Do: Use a power bar with surge protection, and even a backup power supply. Losing your data, or even the use of your computer, due to electrical problems can be upsetting!

Don't: Fill up every portion of your computer hard drive. Having very little free space will affect your computer's overall performance!

Finally, if your computer seems to be frozen or unresponsive, slowly count to 10 without pressing any keys. Programs eventually start to run slower as more of the are used up. Giving the computer a few extra seconds, and not pressing keys (which gives the computer even more to process), will often save you some frustration.


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