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Friday, June 30, 2006

KB vs. MB vs. Kbps

When you see a file size posted as 1,000KB, it is not the same as a file size of 1MB. 1MB(megabyte) is equal to 1,024KB(kilobytes), so that means the 1MB file is actually larger than the 1,000KB file. The same applies for a 1GB(gigabyte) file equalling 1,024MB, or 1,048,576KB.
can be different from file sizes. When downloading a file, the speed is usually given in kbps(kilobits per second), which is not the same as KB/s(kilobytes per second). 1 kilobyte is equal to 8 kilobits. So, downloading at 50KB/s will be faster than downloading at 50kbps.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Place Internet Explorer Favorites on the start menu

Want to save time getting to your favorite web sites? Right click on the start button and choose 'Properties,' then hit the 'Customize' button. Choose the 'Advanced' tab and scroll down until you reach the 'Favorites menu' option. Check it and click 'OK' and your favorites list will appear on the start menu.
If you're using the 'Classic Start menu', after clicking 'Customize' check the 'Display Favorites' box and click 'OK'.

Backup utility in XP Home

does not have the installed. This utility does exist on the XP Home CD, and will work just fine once installed.
To install Windows backup on XP Home place your XP Home CD in your drive and navigate to '(CD drive letter):\valueadd\msft\ntbackup\'. Then, double click the 'NTBACKUP.MSI' file to start the installation process.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Defrag your PC?

Over time, the files on your computer become scattered about on your computer's hard drive. This leaves gaps of free space, , and generally slows the performance of your pc. will organize files and free space so your pc will perform better.

For details on how to use defrag in , click here.

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